I want to organize a pilgrimage

I want to organize a pilgrimage

and I want to spend a few days in Vézelay with my group. What am I supposed to do?

As soon as you have chosen the date of your pilgrimage, first contact the Visitor's Bureau to make sure that the program you want can take place at the time chosen.

Call + 33 3 86 33 39 50 or send a mail to the Visitor's Bureau.

Once you have checked the dates, choose your program.

Several options are possible (single or combined)

  • Introducing the Community Giving witness
  • Introducing the Services

If you want to celebrate a mass outside of the daily Eucharist (6.30 pm during the week, 12.30 pm on Saturdays) or if you want to schedule a time when your participants will have access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, make sure to have enough priests with you, especially if you have a group of more than 50 persons.

The priests of our community can occasionally help to give the Sacrament of Reconciliation (one priest in english, the other in french) but they cannot celebrate masses for visiting groups.

The best thing to do anyway is to contact the prior and prioress of the Community :

frère Pierre-Emmanuel +33 3 86 32 33 61

soeur Jeanne au +33 3 86 33 35 97

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